The Perfect Proposal Inspired by The Movies

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As you all know we think #loverocks, there is just something about the romance and the excitement! Are you thinking of spreading a little love and excitement by proposing? Then why not take some inspiration from her favourite romantic movie! Some girl’s dream of a picture perfect proposal, and it can be hard to live up to their expectation, but not to worry we have compiled some picture perfect proposal straight from the movies, for you to take some inspiration from.

 photo dividerrocks_zpsbde1501f.jpgSerendipity:  OK! So start by placing hundreds of rose petals on the floor just inside the door, have the room lit by candle light and a roaring open fire. Place a big box on the rose petals with a note that reads “Open Me!” Place wrapped boxes inside boxes and in the last box place the empty ring box, then come out asking her to marry you.

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He’s Just Not That Into You: Some girls dream of a simple but meaningful proposal! So why not take some inspiration from the movie ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’ because who could forget Neil (Ben Affleck) proposing to Beth (Jennifer Aniston) by hiding a ring in a pair of old trousers. Plant the idea for a clear out to make some room in the wardrobe, and place the engagement ring in the pocket of an old pair of jeans that she will throw out…but make sure she checks the pocket! And if the clear out is a no go, place the ring in your favourite jeans and ask your lucky lady to wash them for tonight because you are taking her for dinner! And again make sure that she checks the pockets and you are there when she does!

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Wedding Singer: Some ladies love the idea of a public proposal and how could you get anything more romantic than being sang to over the intercom on a plane. However, if you are not taking a flight together not to worry, you could come in to the room singing the song from the ‘Wedding Singer’ and playing the guitar. If you don’t play the guitar you could learn or just play the sound track in the back ground, and not to worry if you can’t sing…it’s all about the words of the song not your voice.

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Sweet Home Alabama: Let’s be honest what woman’s heart didn’t melt when Andrew (Patrick Dempsey) took Melanie (Reese Witherspoon) to Tiffany’s after-hours, and got down on one knee in the shop?  As if that wasn’t romantic enough, the proposal really hit fantasyland when he gestured to every diamond and said, “Pick one.” Average guys don’t stand a chance after that, however, still take your lucky lady to the jewellers after hours preferably through the back entrance in order to keep the surprise. Once you are in the shop switch the light on to reveal the rings and you down on one knee. Arrange for the jewellers to display rings within your price range. This will still give the illusion of picking any ring she wants but within your budget.

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Good Luck with your perfect Proposal and we hope this has given you some inspiration!

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Because Love Rocks!

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