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At Rocks, we believe the right piece of jewellery will carry you through your whole life, gathering meaning and memory as you go.

We enable you to view diamonds the way our experts do. Our highly qualified diamond specialists will start by talking you through the diamond information to help you choose your perfect engagement ring.

With the relaxed atmosphere of our private diamond viewing floor accompanied with our highly trained diamond specialists, Rocks provides you with the confidence to select a diamond engagement ring that is perfect for you. We aim to ensure that your entire Rocks experience is just as perfect as your engagement ring.

What to expect when you visit Rocks Jewellers:

First, you will be taken away from the hustle and bustle of Grafton Street and seated on our private diamond viewing floor.

Your diamond specialist will talk you through the all-important cut, carat, colour, clarity, diamond certificates and the different precious metals that are available. Following this you and your diamond specialist will have a chat about what you desire for your perfect engagement ring.

Your diamond specialist will put together a selection of rings that meet your wishes. We have developed an all‐encompassing collection of Rocks Forever engagement rings that will suit your every desire. At Rocks we can ensure that you get the style you wish to meet your budget.

Rocks also provides the option for you to create your very own handcrafted bespoke ring.  You will sit down with your diamond specialist and our in house goldsmith to create an image of exactly what you are looking for and this ring will be created especially for you.  Find out more about bespoke rings here.

Make an appointment today here or call 01 613 9910 to schedule your private consultation with one of our highly trained diamond specialists.

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Rocks Jewellers has 2 stores in Dublin – Grafton Street & Stillorgan Village Shopping Centre. We have been in business over 40 years supplying the top jewellery and watch brands and creating handmade diamond jewellery too.

Our in house capabilities mean that we can create whatever your heart desires from bespoke Engagement Rings to Engraved Cufflinks. Our watchmakers can turn their hand to delicate repairs and simple battery replacements.

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Rocks Luxe List – September


As you all know here in Rocks Jewellers we LOVE all jewellery, but here is our favourite picks for September!

1. Thomas Sabo

This ladies two tone Thomas Sabo Watch is a must have accessory!
This watch is sportily elegant – its classic design, sparkling rose-gold tone, and stainless steel are in perfect for any occasion. SHOP NOW


2. Rocks Forever Collection

The Kaitlynn engagement ring is a stunning 18k white gold, round brilliant cut diamond solitaire ring with diamond set shoulders for an amazing price of €3750.



3. Links of London

This beautiful Links of London bracelet is part of the Aurora Collection. The bracelet combines three sets of hoops in silver, gold vermeil and rose gold vermeil with the classic sterling silver bracelet. It add the perfect amount of sparkle. SHOP NOW


4. Rocks Chic

These Rocks Chic clear cubic zirconia 4 claw stud earrings add the perfect amount of sparkle to any outfit for only €40. Shop Now


Let us know which is your favourite!

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Rocks & Dirty Fabulous 1960’s Inspired Vintage Photoshoot

After taking a look through all the wedding magazines for inspiration for a little collaboration with a bridal store we realised the ‘vintage’ and ‘retro’ look was not getting as much column inches as we thought it deserved.

Over the next few weeks we will be showcasing the best of vintage from the amazing Dirty Fabulous store in Dublin. Together with our jewellery we created some really special looks for you all. Get some inspiration or copy the look entirely, best of all these looks do not cost the earth. We have chosen some select pieces to get you through your retro wedding and make a statement along the way.

Here is our first 1960’s inspired shoot. Quodos to our very own Rocks lady Louise for doing a great job modelling the sparkling goods. photo 7.jpg

Our setting in Dirty Fabulous was just perfect to get a real feel for the look. It didn’t take us long to get a complete look put together with the help of Caroline from Dirty Fabulous. Louise is wearing a 1960’s Ivory Chiffon and Lace Empire gown with pearl details which can be picked up for a 1960’s price tag of €640. To complete her look we paired the gown up with a bespoke headpiece created by the very talented hands of Caroline in Dirty Fabulous. More about their fabulous pieces later!

Cameo earrings and Bracelet 1960's photo 5.jpg
We got really inspired by the gown and headpiece and decided to adorn Louise with a mixture of rose gold and silver jewellery pieces. Firstly we added pearl and cz earrings to the look to pick up on the intricate pearl details on the dress. Check out the earrings on Rocks Jewellers website if you want to get your hands on these for your own wedding day. At €49 they are perfect for the day but also for everyday wear afterwards too!Earrings 1960's photo 3.jpg

To add to the deeper tones of the ivory gown we added a Rose Gold bracelet with delicate flower detailing to pick up the subtle lace motifs on the gown. (Bracelet €70) A split shoulder rose gold and cz ring adds more colour and contrast to the look.(Ring €75)
Ring and Bracelet 1960's photo 6.jpg

All truely vintage looks have a ‘must have’ item on the list, check out our Rocks Vintage Cameo brooch in 9kt gold, €475. A Cameo brooch never goes out of style and pairing this brooch or indeed any brooch brings a look straight make to era’s gone by.Cameo & Earrings 1960's photo 1.jpg

Dirty Fabulous finished off the look perfectly with a hand crafted headpiece and a seperate veil delicately placed to just covers her eyes and draw your attention to the red lips, sparking pearls and intricate neckline of the dress. Check out Dirty Fabulous’ other creations here.

Hat & Earrings 1960's photo 4.jpg

Here is Louise from head to toe in what can only be described as the perfect vintage look. Just look at all those intriguing gowns in the background! Be careful you will enter Dirty Fabulous and forget to come out. The combination of looks are endless and the customer service and advice is second to none. We advise any ‘soon to be brides’ to take some time out and check this place out, you will not be disappointed and are sure to find some little treasure to add to your wedding day.

To shop the entire look on our Rocks Jewellers website see here.

 photo 2.jpg

To see these stunning gowns for yourself make a booking with Dirty Fabulous by emailing

Details of the look:

Pearl Earrings: Sterling Silver Earrings set with a CZ stone and large drop white synthetic pearl. Shop here
Folli Follie Bracelet: Stainless steel jewellery with a Rose Gold PVD coating, encrusted in cz stones. Flower motif designs.Shoop here
Gold Cameo: 9kt Yellow Gold Cameo. Shop here
CZ Ring: Rocks Chic collection sterling silver and cz ring. Ring is coated in a rose gold PVD coating. Shop here

The perfect proposal to match her personality

 photo willyoumarryme3_zpsaee484ac.jpg

At Rocks we believe every proposal should be special and unique to each couple!
We know getting ready to pop the all important question can become completely overwhelming, so we have put together some perfect proposal ideas to suit your lucky ladies personality!
 photo dividerrocks_zpsbde1501f.jpg

 photo Romantic1250_zps70d71da6.jpg

Romantic: If your fiancé to be is a true romantic at heart what would be more perfect than a romantic evening stroll or a horse drawn carriage ride around the park, stopping at the band stand that is lit with candles, rose petals scattered and the champagne waiting on ice for you both. Once she has gotten over the shock, tell her exactly what she means to you and how much you love her and want to spend the rest of your life together and ask her to be your future wife. If you want to go completely romantic and over the top have some music playing or a slide show of your life together so far.

 photo dividerrocks_zpsbde1501f.jpg

 photo Untitled_11d82ccbb1bfbc3094ed250_zps8f60b659.jpgQuirky: For the lady who likes things a little out of the ordinary but still romantic then why should her proposal be any different. When you are both out doing of shopping make an excuse that you have to collect a surprise for her and that you will meet her at a certain place in 20 minutes.
This will give you time to change and get things set up properly. While she is waiting for you, organise a flash mob to start dancing, let her see you join in with them and then at the end of the routine get down on one knee and ask your lucky lady to marry you.

If this is not quirky enough for you why not get strangers to walk up to her one at a time with a single red rose with a note saying a word that reminds you of her, for example loveable, funny, kind, ice-cream or shoes…it could be anything. And with the twelfth red rose you could be down on one knee and propose to her.

 photo dividerrocks_zpsbde1501f.jpg

 photo Crafty250_zps7b61138f.jpgCrafty: If the love of your life is always making something, why not take a leaf out of her book and get some inspiration for the perfect proposal.  You could put a scrap book together of happy memories from your relationship and on the last page you could have a picture of you down in one knee with the ring and when she looks over at you, be down on your knee with the ring wearing the same thing as you were in the photo.

Another craft orientated proposal would be to gather all your friends and family together and record each of them individually, telling you what they like best about you both as a couple. Arrange for this to be done in a familiar setting with each person pretending to hold something in their hand and passing it on to another person, then the last person passes it to you and you say how special you are as a couple and everything you love about her and when she looks at you be down on one knee and have the ring in your hand like you did the video and open your hands to revel the perfect engagement ring and ask her to marry you.
 photo dividerrocks_zpsbde1501f.jpg

 photo Untitled-1250_zpsdc393516.jpg

A family orientated proposal: For a more family orientated marriage proposal, wait to propose to your fiancé until all her family and friends are in your company, tell her you have forgotten something and leave the room.  When returning back in to the room give her a large gift wrapped box, with a number of smaller gift wrapped boxes inside, until she get to the last box which is the ring box. At that point get down on one knee and ask her to spend the rest of her life with you.
 photo dividerrocks_zpsbde1501f.jpg

 photo Romanticimage250_zps0234223e.jpg

A more private and reserved proposal: If your love is not a fan of the big public proposals, why not opt for something private yet as elaborate and romantic. Tell her that you are bringing her out to dinner to a fancy restaurant for a romantic dinner. Ok so you have two options at this point.
You could arrange for a private room in her favourite restaurant and have it romantically decorated, and have the champagne on ice. Once you are settled at the table you could begin by telling her how wonderful  and thoughtful she is and that is why you want to spend the rest of your life together, then get down on one knee and ask her to marry you and present her with the perfect engagement ring.

The other option is to arrange with the jewellers (which we would be more than happy to arrange)  for a private ring selection after hours or have a room set up with flowers and champagne for your lucky lady to select her own ring in private. To keep it a surprise, tell her to close her eyes that you have a surprise for her, and tell her to open them once you are in the private ring selection room. This way you won’t have the stress of having to pick the ring.
 photo dividerrocks_zpsbde1501f.jpg

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   Because Love Rocks! 

 photo makeanappointment_zps866ece1c.jpg

Planning the Perfect Proposal?

Planning the perfect proposal can be tricky, not to worry, as Rocks Jewellers and our in house Diamond Expert is on hand to help you along the way.

The Do’s and Dont’s of popping the question:

  1. Involving the right people: think of involving her family and friends on the magical moment, or have an intimate setting just for the two of you with a surprise engagement party for her after the almighty YES!
  2. Consider whether she would prefer private or a semi private affair. Just because you are a big sports fan it does not mean she would like to be proposed to in the middle of Croke Park during the All Ireland final!
  3. Choose your location wisely as it set the mood. Maybe start with how you are going to propose then where – the ideas will come to you.
  4. Keeping it a surprise is essential! If you aren’t typically romantic don’t plan a special date out of the blue, she will be rushing off to get her nails done! Instead obtain the help of her best friend that way she genuinely will be surprised.
  5. Pay attention to detail. Make the proposal about her and her favourite things! Make sure to personalise the proposal to your relationship!
  6. Get a female perspective. Again get advice from her best friend or mum.
  7. Keep the proposal speech short and sweet! Just explain why you love her and why you want her to be your wife!
  8. Use your personal resources. You have just spent a pretty penny on the special ring! The anticipation of what’s inside the pretty box makes the moment more memorable. So don’t be afraid to ask friends and family to carry out small tasks to help you create the perfect setting.

Now for some locations for that magical moment!

Engagementcation: the growing trend of getting engaged on a romantic getaway! If the bank balance allows splash the cash and whisk your lucky lady away to a beach resort and pop the question over a candle lit dinner on the beach!

For more practical proposals that are just as lavish and memorable try one of the following location ideas!

Dublin Botanical Gardens


Inveagh Gardens Dublin

If you’re the crafty type, put together a scrap book of all your special moments in your relationship then suggest a stroll around the Botanical Gardens. While settling down for a beautiful picturesque picnic present your loved one with the book of memories, and while laughing and reminiscing slyly pull out the ring and propose!

Make your special lady a princess for the day!

Lough Eske Castle, Donegal

Whisk your lucky lady to Lough Eske castle in the heart of Donegal and escape into a luxurious world of relaxed elegance, treating her to a pampering package in the lavish spa. Giving you time to get a great romantic setting  for the perfect proposal – whether it be over a romantic candle lit dinner or evening stroll after dinner or rose petals leading her to a private drawing room with a roaring fire.

For the more outdoor type.

Howth Hill

Take a romantic stroll on Howth Hill with the picturesque scenery surrounding you, it will be the perfect setting for that magical moment.

Or simply make it a special occasion!

Do something that you wouldn’t normally do like clean the house or wash the dishes! When she asks why you are doing it tell her to get ready you are taking her out for a romantic dinner. When she comes out surprise her with a romantic proposal and the ring!

Now you have the Do’s, the Don’ts and some location suggestions here is your ever so essential proposal check list.

  1. Broach the subject of marriage…. Be subtle like I know I will love you forever!
  2. Know her ring size…. Borrow one of her rings to size but make sure it fits on the weeding finger of the right hand.
  3. Know what kind of ring she wants… if you need a little help get some help for her mum or best friend.
  4. Asking the parents permission may be an old tradition but it may mean a lot to them and your lucky lady.
  5. Plan the perfect proposal!

And for the all important ring take a look at Rocks Forever Collection

Because Love Rocks


Red Carpet Bling – Oscars 2012


Okay so we have had a good look through what fantastic, and not so fantastic, jewellery was paraded on the red carpet at the Oscars 2012. Diamonds are still a girls best friend, as adorned by many of the top stars, but we are also happy to report that the stunning Emerald gemstone had its fair share of red carpet space. Emeralds are fantastic as a complimentary colour to purples, and golds. The stars really wore it well this year and we can feel its growing momentum as the gemstone of choice. Another hot trend seems to be the drop / chandelier earrings, they are of course the perfect match for a glamorous ballgown so we see exactly why they are such a popular choice.


Rocks Jewellers favourite piece was worn by Cameron Diaz, this amazing emerald cut diamond line necklace was so stunning around her neck.  We love emerald cut diamonds and in this setting really outshines other more traditional line necklaces like those worn by Penelope Cruz, Missi Pyle and Michelle Williams shown below. Their neck pieces are to die for but I think Cameron’s pips them at the post.



The red carpet had some great colours showing this year both in their gowns and their jewellery. We love all these earrings, the colours are great and the emerald green really stands out. Some great choices from our stars including Berenice Bejo, Viola Davis, Virginia Madsen, Bingbing Li, Ellie Kemper and Emma Stone.



Drop, or better known as chandelier, diamond earrings were dangling from the most famous of stars at the Oscars, they were a mixture of pave set chandeliers and larger claw set diamond drop earrings. They were all fabulous but we, at Rocks Jewellers, have fallen in love with Octavia Spencers pave set diamond chandelier earrings. They have an antique/vintage feel to them that is so popular right now and the sparkle off them is unmissable. She had some competition however with stunning earrings worn by Melissa Mc Marthy, Judy Green, Jennifer Lopez, Jane Seymore, Bingbing Li, and Shailene Woodley. No shortage of bling at the Oscars this year that’s for sure.




Some other peices that we noticed that are worth a mention were diamond bracelets and cuffs worn by Viola Davis, Gwyneth Paltrow and Mila Jovovich. Fabulous choices!


At Rocks Jewellers we house a large selection of unique diamond and gemtone peices both new and antique. Pop in to our stores in Grafton Street and Stillorgan Shopping Center to have a look at what we have to offer. Alternatively take a look online at Rocks own collection of diamond, gold, silver, antique, engagement and wedding jewellery, handcrafted by Rocks Jewellers.