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At Rocks, we believe the right piece of jewellery will carry you through your whole life, gathering meaning and memory as you go.

We enable you to view diamonds the way our experts do. Our highly qualified diamond specialists will start by talking you through the diamond information to help you choose your perfect engagement ring.

With the relaxed atmosphere of our private diamond viewing floor accompanied with our highly trained diamond specialists, Rocks provides you with the confidence to select a diamond engagement ring that is perfect for you. We aim to ensure that your entire Rocks experience is just as perfect as your engagement ring.

What to expect when you visit Rocks Jewellers:

First, you will be taken away from the hustle and bustle of Grafton Street and seated on our private diamond viewing floor.

Your diamond specialist will talk you through the all-important cut, carat, colour, clarity, diamond certificates and the different precious metals that are available. Following this you and your diamond specialist will have a chat about what you desire for your perfect engagement ring.

Your diamond specialist will put together a selection of rings that meet your wishes. We have developed an all‐encompassing collection of Rocks Forever engagement rings that will suit your every desire. At Rocks we can ensure that you get the style you wish to meet your budget.

Rocks also provides the option for you to create your very own handcrafted bespoke ring.  You will sit down with your diamond specialist and our in house goldsmith to create an image of exactly what you are looking for and this ring will be created especially for you.  Find out more about bespoke rings here.

Make an appointment today here or call 01 613 9910 to schedule your private consultation with one of our highly trained diamond specialists.

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Rocks Jewellers has 2 stores in Dublin – Grafton Street & Stillorgan Village Shopping Centre. We have been in business over 40 years supplying the top jewellery and watch brands and creating handmade diamond jewellery too.

Our in house capabilities mean that we can create whatever your heart desires from bespoke Engagement Rings to Engraved Cufflinks. Our watchmakers can turn their hand to delicate repairs and simple battery replacements.

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Rocks Luxe List – October


As you all know here in Rocks Jewellers we LOVE all jewellery, but here is our favourite picks for October…and it make it even better they are all on SALE!

1. Links of London:

Link of London bracelets are a fun alternative to traditional charm bracelets, they can be customised with charms for a personal piece of jewellery that you’ll adore.

Links of London Offer: Buy any links of London bracelet and get a charm worth up to €60 for FREE!   SHOP NOW


2. Michael Kors

We just love Michael Kors watches!….So we have decided to share the love and give you 30% off a selection of Michael Kors watches!

Hurry while stock lasts. SHOP NOW


3. Rocks Chic

The Rocks Chic magnetic bracelet makes the perfect statement, they are stunning worn individually or stacked.

Rocks Chic Offer: Buy one magnetic bracelet and get one half price! SHOP NOW


4. MiMoneda

Mi Moneda’s are this seasons essential accessory as they create a personal pendant just for you. They add the perfect amount of sparkle to every outfit!

Mi Moneda Offer: Buy a MiMoneda chain and holder and receive a free coin up to the value of €47.50.  SHOP NOW3297

5. Rocks Jewellers Diamond Ring

This beautiful  Rocks Jewellers round brilliant cut diamond twist ring with diamond set shoulders in a platinum setting was €3995 and is now an amazing price of €2400. SHOP NOW

Make sure to call in to Rocks Jewellers this October to view our entire collection of engagement rings and diamond jewellery that are on sale!


 Let us know which is your favourite!

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Barcelona Bridal Week 2015

 photo BBFW1_zpsusent4zz.jpg

Last week saw the launch of the spring 2016 Barcelona Bridal Week. The intensely watched fashion shows, which spanned over four days brought bridal collections from all of the big fashion houses we all adore – from the timeless collection by Justin Alexander to the sophisticated simplicity of Cabotin and of course the romantic delicacy of both Christina Tamborero and Marcos & Maria.

 photo justin-alexander-1312_zpsf9lhsima.jpg

The Justin Alexander collection is inspired by vintage wedding dresses and featuring hand-made details that gives the creations a timeless feel. According to senior designer Tony Mentel, “the collection is a magnificent showcase of opulent, personalized beading on soft silhouettes over luxurious fabrics which perfectly reflect the idea of a fairy-tale wedding. Every design in this collection represents romantic femininity, with silhouettes that enhance and envelop every woman during the celebration of the most important event in her life: her wedding day”.

 photo Pronovais Test_zpsfbfzthab.jpg

Barcelona Bridal Week is always famously closed by Pronovais. The iconic silhouettes of Pronovais such as mermaid, princess and shirt-dresses are paired with Mikado silk, raw silk, crepe and French lace to showcase their contemporary versions.

 photo pronovias-1286 1_zpshmvfab1m.jpg

Having watched and swooned over each beautiful masterpiece we have gathered a mere few for you to fall in love with.
 photo CRISTINA TAMBORERO_zpsijpr6ozx.jpg

 photo cabotin Test _zpsbob8qha9.jpg

 photo JESUacuteS PEIROacute_zps3z5ajhzi.jpg
Keep an eye out next week for all the insights in to the much anticipated London Bridal Week 2015.

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Tips for a Perfect Proposal

proposal photo proposal1_zps5fe00c26.jpg

At Rocks we love valentines day, it is such a romantic time of year . There are so many things that make this time of year so special and that is why it is the perfect backdrop to ask the special question.

Don’t get overwhelmed and carried away in the moment, for any engagement to be perfect it needs some planning. So here at Rocks we have put together some tips to help you with the perfect proposal. We will also point out some possible pitfalls you may encounter and how to avoid them.

1. Tell only those who need to know! First, take advantage of the surprise element that may occur. Tell only those who need to know. Parents would be on the top of the list, however, if there happens to be a chatty mum or dad then tell the other parent. You may even want to show them the ring; they may have some advice for the proposal.

2. Deciding on the perfect Ring. Unless you two have already shopped for engagement rings, you probably are not sure what type ring to pick. If this is the case take a look at her other rings, take her lifestyle and personality in to consideration, and if all else fails fish for some information about what she expects in a perfect ring. Don’t be hurt or upset if she decides to change the ring you have chosen, remember she has to wear it forever. Check with the jeweller that you can exchange the ring before you purchase it. But chances are she’ll keep the ring you chose.

3. Where to propose? If you are a both big family people than you may feel like you need to have them nearby. But remember this is meant to be a special moment for just the two of you. If the beach has been a special place for the two of you then take a walk along the beach and have ‘will you marry me?’ written in the sand. Another option would be in the living room in front of your family and friends and an open fire, where a dinner proposal is also nice and traditional.

4. What to wear. Yes, what you wear matters, as you only get to do this once! And you want her to remember the moment. Depending on where and how you decide to propose a suit adds an extra bit of romance, otherwise you could wear a nice pair of jeans and a shirt.

5. What to say. Think over what to say but do not over rehearse it! Tell her how you feel and what she means to you. And yes, you should say I love you! And say it on one knee!

6. How to say it.  If you decide to do something a little different that’s great but remember YOU still have to ask the question.

7. When to say it. Pick a time when you think she is relaxed. When she’s ranting about work is probably is not the right time to ask her to marry you. If she is a morning person, surprise her with breakfast and a ring. Maybe there is a special dinner or party you are attending, on your way out the door tell her that she is missing something, get down on one knee and ask her to marry you…now she has the perfect accessory!

8. Be yourself. Although these suggestions are meant to help, be yourself. She loves you for who you are!

9. Seal the deal with a kiss!

We hope this will help you with your perfect proposals!

 photo proposal2_zps8d7f5f9e.jpg

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And for that all important engagement ring, take a look at our Rocks Forever Collection.

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There are so many diamond simulants currently on the market and cubic zirconia stones are one of the most common of them all.  So how can someone tell a cubic zirconia from a diamond? Well it turns out it can be harder than you might think to tell the difference between them.

A diamond tester is one method, it is a machine that will tell you if the stone is a diamond, but it will not tell you what makes up the stone if it is not a diamond. Another method is using a jeweller’s loupe or a microscope. The jeweller or you can look through the top of the stone, focusing your vision toward the bottom facets of the stone.  If the lines appear doubled, like you have blurry vision, you ar looking into a sythetic stone.  If the lines are still singular, and very clear and distinct you have a real diamond.

You will also notice either through a loupe or micrscope the presence of inclusions or internal flaws. Because diamonds are naturally occuring stones they will have little inclusions within the stone, unless of course you have a flawless stone, these are rare and very expensive. Synthetic stones like cubic zirconia will have no flaws visible at all indicating it is not a diamond.  However, because some diamonds are flawless this method is not completely reliable but in most cases it will be a very good indication.

Home testing methods are great however use a jeweller you trust to take a look at your jewellery and give you peace of mind that what you have chersihed for so long is indeed the real thing.

So pop into us any time and we’ll take a look at your jewellery and appraise it for you. Contact us through to make appoinment or call Rocks Jewellers or 01 288 6156 or 01 613 9910