How to Instagram Your Wedding

How to instagram your wedding

With all the fun and excitement that surrounds your big day you will be eager to see your wedding photographs, unfortunately it can be frustrating having to wait weeks or even months to get your photographs. However, it can be exciting when your friends and family upload some of the pictures to their social media sites or email them to you. Typically, fifty percent of your guests are likely to have their smartphones with them, Instagram is a quick and easy way to get a variety of images of your big day, and it’s a great way to get your guest be involved. Take full advantage of using Twitter, Facebook and Instagram throughout the day, as it gives people who were unable to make your special day a little sneak-peek into the day and gives you – bride, groom and wedding party something to look at right away when your wonderful day has come to an end. inst wed2 12345 Instagram doesn’t provide users with the easiest way to view posts that you have been tagged in, so creating a specific hashtag (that hasn’t been used before!) is the simplest way to view images only from your day. For example type #lillyandmaxwedding into your tag search on Instagram to view photos from the day. If you are undecided about a wedding hashtag another option is to create a profile that people can follow and this will enable them to tag your wedding in photos. Don’t worry if you already have an Instagram profile, simply log out and create a new account with a name that relates to your wedding day. This way you will always have a place you can go to that is solely for your special day. 123456 DIY photobooth Another way to incorporate Instagram into your wedding day is to provide your guests with props and backdrops, then get them to take photographs on their smart phones or an iPad, similar to a photo booth. Whether you use the hashtag or decide to upload the photos directly to your wedding profile, it will give your guests something to search for or follow when the celebrations are over. Instagram cards The easiest way to introduce your guests to this idea is by creating a card that can be placed in the invitation along with the other wedding information or placed on the tables at the reception, explaining the concept and also highlighting the selected hashtag and/or profile. I would suggest something like the image below, which is just a sample mock-up of what you could do.


INSTA Happy Instagraming from all at Rocks Jewellers.