Picking Your Precious Metal – 18k Yellow Gold

18YG metal

Pure yellow gold is extremely soft, it is too soft to be used in jewellery on its own, therefore, it is combined with copper, zinc and nickel to make it stronger and harder-wearing.
Gold is also one of the most malleable of all the metals, which means that it is perfect for crafting into interesting designs without putting too much stress on the metal.
Pure gold is referred to as 24K gold. Much of our jewellery collection is manufactured from 18K gold which is 75% gold and 25% metal alloys. 14K gold is made up of 58.3% gold and 41.7% other metals to give it extra strength.

Yellow gold is available in different tones and the exact yellow hue depends on the type of metal alloys and the percentage of each alloy being used. Pure gold is a rich, shining yellow. 18K gold is also an intense yellow, 14K gold may be a little muted in tone compared to 18K or 24K. This is due to the to the higher percentages of metal alloys diluting the brilliant gold colour.


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Picking Your Precious Metal – White Gold

Have you ever found yourself in a tizzy because you don’t know, whether you are picking the perfect precious metal for the perfect engagement ring or beautiful bracelet for your mother’s birthday? Well there is no need to panic, as Rocks unfold all the information you need about white gold.

At Rocks we believe knowing and understanding the qualities of each of the different white metals ensures the jewellery you select will offer a lifetime of joy and satisfaction.

White gold has become extremely popular in recent years, however deciding on whether its right for you and selecting the right carat weight can be difficult. So we have decided to break down all the information in order for you to make an informed purchase that you will be satisfied with for many years to come.

White gold gets its colour by mixing yellow gold with alloys like nickel, zinc, and palladium. Due to the variety of the alloys used, white gold colours will vary. Sometimes, white gold is covered with rhodium plating to create a bright, pure white finish.

White gold is available up to 21 karat.  Eighteen-karat gold is 75% pure, 14k is 58.5% pure, and 10k 41.7% pure.

White gold is a more affordable and durable than alternative precious white metals and does not tarnish like silver. However, over time some rhodium-plated white gold can yellow and may require to be replated with rhodium.  18 karat gold generally holds up to everyday wear and tear better than 9 karat.

White Gold wedding rings use gold alloyed with a higher proportion of other metals, to produce a beautiful polish and shine. White metals provide an excellent setting for diamonds, so choose white gold for your diamond ring if you would like platinum but perhaps want something more traditional. 

Before Rhodium Plating to Create White Gold

yellow photo image_5.jpg

After Rhodium Plating

white gold photo image_4.jpg

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SS17 – Get The Look

Teatum Jones presents a look from his Spring Summer 2017 Collection. We really like where this style is going and we’re so happy bold print is still in.

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Leap Year Proposals

It’s a leap year…Today marks the day where ladies can pop the question!


Legend has it that after hearing complaints from single women whose suitors were too shy to propose a fifth century Irish nun St. Brigid, asked St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, to allow women to propose marriage. Initially, he granted permission to propose only once every seven years, but at St. Brigid’s persistence, he agreed and permitted proposals every leap day.

The folk tale suggests that Brigid then dropped to a knee and proposed to Patrick that instant, but he refused, kissing her on the cheek and offering a silk gown to soften the blow.

The Irish tradition therefore dictates that any man refusing a woman’s leap-day proposal must give her a silk gown. However, this tradition is not thought to have become commonplace until the 19th Century.


Research carried out by Beefeater informs that 20 per cent of women said they would like to propose to their partner. One third of women said they would be worried about their partner’s reaction. However, more than half of men would love their girlfriends to get down on one knee.

Are you popping the big question today? If so, Check out our blog on proposal tips.

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Thinking of Proposing? – We’re Here to Help

bannerOk so we think selling engagement rings for over 40 years has given us some great insights into what is the best information we can give someone who is thinking about popping the question in the near future. Take our advice and you’ll have one happy lady!

Spend some time researching before you go shopping and the whole process will be a lot simpler. Alternatively ask questions at your consultation. Your Diamond Specialist will be more than happy to answer any questions you have.


Spend whatever you like – there are beautiful rings at every price point but once you have a budget your jeweller can show you what is available to you.

4 C’s

These are details regarding the Colour, Clarity, Carat & Cut of your diamond. The better the grading in each of these areas the more expensive your diamond will become. Look for diamonds that are F to G colour, VS2 to SI1 clarity, Very Good Cut and then you can decide on the Carat size of your diamond. These grading’s represent great value and the difference between those and higher grades are not visible to the naked eye. For more information on the 4 C’s see our detailed blog here.


Certification refers to the body that has graded your diamond. If the grading house is not one of the top issuers in the world it may be difficult to be assured that the grading’s are true. The top grading houses in the world today are GIA, IGI and HRD. There are many others but reputable jewellers only issue one of the top certificates. This way you know what you’re buying is a true reflection of the price you are paying.


The style of ring is super important. Take note of things your partner already showed interest in. Check out their existing jewellery and rings and take note of the style. Your jeweller will take this information and suggest rings that suit their style.


While you are having a look at her jewellery take one of the rings she wears on the same finger on the other hand and your jeweller will be able to make an educated guess as to her ring size. However don’t worry too much as most rings can be sized up or down a few sizes relatively quickly so that your new Fiancé can be wearing her ‘Rock’ as soon as possible.


Leave plenty of time between shopping for a ring and proposing. Perhaps you will need to get your ring made, perhaps you will be sourcing a diamond and maybe it will take you longer than anticipated to make a decision. Either way leave enough time so you are not under any undue stress.

Wedding Rings

I know the wedding is a long way off yet but just inquire about what type of wedding ring will suit your chosen engagement ring. This way you can inform your new Fiancé if the ring has a matching wedding ring available or if it is a little more unique you may need to get one made up before the big day.


One last thing – don’t forget to ask, whoever is important to your partner, for their permission to propose. It will mean a lot to them I assure you.



Get your substantial purchase added to your insurance policy as soon as possible. The last thing you need to be worrying about is losing the precious ring.

We really hope giving you all this information helps you understand the world of diamonds a little better. Remember though if you shop in a reputable jewellers they will guide you through the process and have many years’ experience selling quality jewellery. Relax and enjoy!

If you would like to make an appointment to view some of our stunning engagement rings at Rocks Jewellers you can do so here. You can enjoy spending some time mulling over your options on our private viewing floor in our centrally located Grafton Street store.

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– Rocks Diamond Buying Guide –

A good understanding of diamonds is necessary before you begin shopping for a beautiful diamond that is just right! Our guide gives you all the necessary information on the all-important “four Cs” as well as additional information on all things diamonds. You will then be equipped to make the best decisons based on the simple, straight-forward informaition in this article.


Carat refers to the weight of a diamond not the size, however well proportioned diamond of a certain weight should be a certain size. One carat equals 0.200grams and contains 100 points.

Two diamonds of equal carat weight can have varying prices when you take into account other diamond factors such as colour, clarity and cut. As the carat size of a diamond increases, the diamond’s price increases at an increasing rate as larger diamonds are more rare.


The less colour in a white diamond, the more true colour it will reflect. The colour of diamonds is placed on a scale of D (colourless) through Z (light colour). Colour variations are very difficult to determine.

D, E. F diamonds are considered colourless; they are very rare and unique. Each of these colours is unique however the difference is only detectable by a gemmologist using side by side comparisons.

G, H, I, J diamonds are considered near colourless. While traces of colour are present the colour is not noticeable to the naked eye. When set in white gold or platinum the presence of colour is unnoticeable.

K, L, M diamonds have a faint colour. These diamonds can represent great value however the colour is detectable with the naked eye.

Diamond colours go all the way through to Z which present a yellow tint.


Clarity of a diamond is determined by the presence of, or lack thereof, of small imperfections within the diamond, known as inclusions. They are known are nature’s imprint on the diamond.

FL-IF Even under magnification, a skilled diamond grader, cannot detect any internal inclusions or flaws. These are the rarest diamonds and are much more expensive than VVS grade diamonds.

VVS1-VVS2 Using 10x magnification a diamond expert finds it very difficult to detect any inclusions or flaws. These are not visible to the naked eye.

VS1-VS2 Under magnification you can clearly see the diamond inclusions but they are very small. Again you cannot see these flaws with the naked eye.

SI1-SI2 Using 10x magnification the inclusions are obvious to a diamond grader. They are not normally visible to an untrained eye.

I1, I2, I3 – Inclusions are obvious and they sometimes affect the brilliance of the diamond.


In a well cut diamond, the light strikes each pavilion facet at an angle which allows most of the light to reflect back to the top. As it passes through the crown facets at a low angle, the light refracts upon exit. In this case, refraction is a good thing, as the bent light travels to the observer’s eye and is perceived as brilliance.


The shape of the diamond is very important when considering your diamond. There are many options and they all have their unique characteristics.

  • Round The round brilliant cut diamond is by far the most popular choice of diamond. Over the years this shape has been optimized to make sure it takes the maximum amount of light giving it a fantastic brilliance and sparkle. This shape is perfect for a diamond engagement ring.
  • Oval An oval cut diamond is very similar to a round brilliant cut diamond in its appearance. However it is a fraction longer with curved corners and straighter sides. For someone who has longer, slender fingers this shape of diamond is perfect in an engagement ring.
  • Marquise The marquise cut is a traditional shaped diamond which depending on the cut can get longer or wider as the carat weight increases. The brilliance of this stone is that it looks stunning in a diamond engagement ring or with other shaped stones such as round or princess.
  • Pear The pear shaped diamond is a traditional style and is also known as a tear drop shape. As the diamond increases in carat weight the stone becomes wider as opposed to longer. Fantastic choice for longer, slender fingers.
  • Heart A heart shaped diamond is one of the more romantic shaped diamonds.
  • Emerald – Due to the large table it highlights the clarity of the diamond and in SI clarity inclusions can be visible. The straight rectangular cuts make this modern shaped diamond a fantastic choice for any diamond engagement ring.
  • Princess – The princess cut is a square shape, it’s pointed corners set it apart from the other shapes of diamond available. In a diamond engagement ring it has an unrivalled sparkle and fire.
  • Radiant A radiant cut diamond is a similar shape to the emerald cut diamond but sparkles like a round brilliant cut. It has around 75 facets making it ideal for any style of ring or jewellery.


A diamond certificate is an evaluation of the diamond that is done by an independent company confirming the colour, clarity, and carat. You may see other names for these such as diamond grading reports, diamond dossiers and more.

Some of our diamonds are graded by a trained diamond grader and expert within Rocks Jewellers and the others are certified by GIA (Gemmological Institute of America), IGI (International Gemmological Institute), HRD (Hoge Rood Voor Diament). All diamonds that are certified will have their clarity, colour, carat and cut graded. They will also have the diamond measurements and fluorescence listed on the certificate.


A common question when a customer buys an eternity ring or a trilogy ring is will the diamonds be certified?

In an eternity ring there can be up to 30 stones in particular designs. These stones will also be around 10-15 points. In these ring Rocks Jewellers will grade these stones for you, keeping the costs down while still being reassured of the quality. You will receive a special certificate from us confirming the diamond grades of your diamond eternity ring or diamond tennis bracelet for example.

We hope you will find this information useful when you go to buying your diamond or engagement ring. Keeping all these factors in mind will give you the reassurance that you are making the perfect diamond choice for you!

If you would like to make an appointment to come in and talk to us and view some rings please do so here.

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Gift Ideas for the Gents

At Rocks we understand that choosing the perfect present for your family and friends can be stressful which can put a dampener on the Christmas cheer. So, we have put together a Gift Guide. We hope this gives you the inspiration you need to choose the perfect gifts for the men in your life.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Him
So for the lucky men in your life a designer watch or cufflinks  will make the perfect Christmas gift; and to add a little personal touch why not get a little message engraved on them.

Gents Gift guide


1. Daniel Wellington Dapper St Mawes Silver Watch €249 SHOP NOW

2. Raymond Weil Toccata Gents Rose Gold on Black Leather Watch €875 SHOP NOW

3. Tissot Quickster Chronograph Brown Leather Watch €395 SHOP NOW

4. Secrid Wallet €60 SHOP NOW

5.  Zeades Stainless Steel & Navy Leather T-Bar Cufflinks €99 SHOP NOW

6.  Rocks Oval Cufflinks €99 SHOP NOW

7. Rocks Bar Detail Cufflinks €40 SHOP NOW

8. A5 NOTEBOOK €75 SHOP NOW: Call in to Rocks Stillorgan

9. Casio Black Radio Controlled G-Shock Watch €295 SHOP NOW

10.  Thomas Sabo Rosegold Ceramic Chronograph Watch €479 SHOP NOW

11.  Calvin Klein Gents Future Black Dial Watch €205 SHOP NOW


We hope this has taken some of the stress out of your Christmas shopping and given you some inspiration for the perfect Christmas Gift.

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